So, who is this person, anyway?

Allison kayaking the Tohickon creek

Hi! I'm Allison Corbett. I'm a product designer & UX strategist. I've worked as a UX lead at MathWorks, CA Technologies and KeyBank. I collaborate with product and development teams to design Web and mobile applications to solve challenging problems. I'm passionate about improving collaboration in cross-functional teams, especially those using the Agile development methodology.

I'm thrilled to do something I love, something that combines creativity and analysis and allows me to use both my right and left brain every day.

In my copious spare time (ha!) I write fiction and poetry. I run rivers in my whitewater kayak and play kayak polo with New England Canoe Polo. I've recently started doing triathlons because, you know, I didn't have enough hobbies that required a lot of gear. I design software, sets and props for community theaters like Ghost Light Players. You see what I mean about the spare time, right?

I live in the MetroWest area near Boston with my family, a cat and an improbable number of amphibians.

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