Illustration & other art

T-shirt designs

Great Wave T-shirt

This is the official T-shirt for the international tournament my team hosted in summer 2018. The inspiration was the Great Wave Off Kanagawa woodblock, a copy of which is hanging on my living room wall. I feel like I probably owe Hokusai an apology.

The design needed to be a single color to keep printing costs reasonable. I'm proud of the use of negative space and the shirt color to make the most of the constraint.

Pitch Ninjas T-shirt

I designed this T-shirt for my team at the 2013 Kayak Polo Nationals. Our standing in the tournament was, alas, not as cool as our T-shirts.

Creation of kayak polo T-shirt

This image started out as a joke I sent to my team mailing list. Based on the response I quickly realized it had to be a T-shirt. I'm proud of the Photoshop work that went into integrating the kayaking gear into the original painting.

Of course Adam is #1.

Chicken house series

A few years ago my parents joked that their new chicken house was so fancy, all it needed was chicken art on the walls. I decided to rectify the situation. The joke was on me--my dad liked the pictures so much that he had them framed, and now I get to sleep under them when I visit.

This series re-imagines great works of art through the eyes of chickens.