Consulting services

As a consultant, I help cross-functional team members work together more productively by better integrating UX into the development lifecycle.

I draw on almost 20 years in UX and related fields, which has given me an extensive toolbox of methods to apply to the unique problems your team is facing.

Current workflow map - CARD method

I believe in helping teams to develop the skills they'll need to continue working successfully long after I leave. I've designed award-winning courses for EMC/Legato and taught classes for companies including Dell, Herman Miller, Fidelity and others. I bring to bear boots-on-the-ground experience in leading UX teams.

Collaborative dot voting prioritization exercise

As a UX practitioner, I lean towards pragmatism and collaboration. I specialize in methods that build shared understanding and ownership among the whole team. After all, the best design in the world does no good if it is never implemented.

Cross-product workflow map

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