CA Mobile Framework & Pattern Library
UX pattern library for cross-platform mobile apps

Mobile pattern examples

CA's IT Business Management division needed to launch mobile apps for several of its existing Web-based products very quickly. They assembled a small Agile development team to build a mobile framework that would contain a number of prebuilt components and a consistent visual theme.

I was the lead UX designer for the accompanying UX pattern library, which defined a set of common screens and interaction patterns for the framework. The patterns included home pages, list screens, search, pull-out sidebar navigation, toolbars, action buttons, and many more. Many of the patterns were based on my designs for the CA Mobile Time Manager app.

The pattern library provided design and interaction guidelines for product teams building mobile apps without the benefit of a dedicated UX designer. It defined standards for the business unit's apps, helping teams maintain consistency across products and apps.

The mobile framework and pattern library greatly accelerated mobile development. The business unit developed and released mobile apps for 3 complex enterprise products within a period of 3 months, including the CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager, CA Service Management, and CA Nimsoft Service Desk apps.

Sample apps designed using the framework

iOS7 (with its new "flat" look and feel) was released in the middle of the project, so the framework included both a new flat theme and the original skeuomorphic theme.

Sample app using iOS6 theme